API Bio-Chem Zorb

API Bio-Chem Zorb

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Makes aquarium water CRYSTAL clear

- Removes aquarium pollutants and odours which cloud water and degrade water quality
- Does not remove trace elements from saltwater aquariums

Follow API Easy Care Guide and use BIO-CHEM ZORB:
- Weekly as part of Regular Care to reduce aquarium maintenance and maintain strong chemical filtration
-When addressing a Water Problem Solving issue

BIO-CHEM ZORB is the ultimate filtration medium for crystal clear water. BIO-CHEM ZORB contains a superior blend of resins and activated carbon which removes organic aquarium pollutants, including colours, odours, heavy metals and toxic gases as well as other compounds that carbon alone cannot remove. BIO-CHEM ZORB also removes light blocking impurities for improved growth of corals in saltwater and plants in freshwater aquariums.

Treats: 1 large pouch treats up to 55 U.S. gallons
Directions: Rinse pouch under tap water to remove loose dust. The pouch does not need to rinse clear. Place pouch in the path of water flow in the aquarium filter. Replace every month or as recommended on the packaging.