Aqua One - 600 Nautilus Canister Filter 600 L/Hr (Store Pickup)

Aqua One - 600 Nautilus Canister Filter 600 L/Hr (Store Pickup)

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Quiet, energy efficient and powerful, the Nautilus Canister Filter features easy to use technology with a Quick Release Tap System to ensure fast, easy and mess free maintenance! The built in primer, primes the filter literally at the push of a button! Biological and mechanical filter media is included. The modular design enables additional filtration media to be added so that you can customise your filter to suit your requirements.

Features & Benefits:

- Maintenance is a breeze with the Quick Release Tap System! Simply push the lever down to disconnect the taps and you are ready to start your maintenance without any mess or spillages

- Priming the filter is simple - Just push the primer button a couple of times and the filter will prime itself!

- Sophisticated biological and mechanical filtration system - A selection of wool, sponges, bio balls and highly sintered glass media is included, giving you the perfect set up straight away!

- Superior motor design provides silent and energy efficient operation Modular design allows for a variety of media

- 2 + 1 Year Guarantee

Replacement Parts / Media:

- 25081S - Sponge - 15ppi Blue Nautilus 600/800 81s
- 25081W - Wool - Nautilus 600/800 81w
- 25082S - Sponge - 35ppi Black Nautilus 600/800 82s
- 25081I - Impeller Set - Nautilus 600/800 81i

Additional Info:

- Item No: 94111
- Description: 600 Nautilus Canister Filter 600 L/hr
- No of Media Baskets: 2
- Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 30 cm
- Max. Aquarium Volume: 150L
- Max. Flow Rate: 600 L/hr
- Max. Head Height: 1.3m
- Filter Volume: 5.5L
- Wattage: 9W
- Voltage: 220 - 240V


Suitable for: Coldwater, Tropical & Marine

**** Store Pickup Only