Aqua One AquaNano 40 Tropical Aquarium - 55L (Store Pickup)

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The Aqua One AquaNano Aquarium is the ultimate complete aquarium set for any living space of office. This stylish aquarium comes complete with tank, heater, filter and lighting, everything you need to get started! Comes in Tropical/Coldwater and Marine, the AquaNano is the perfect complete aquarium set.

Features & Benefits:

  • The AquaNano aquarium offers a complete aquarium system consisting of LED lighting as well as a total filtration system complete with
  • biological and mechanical components
  • Filtration system includes biological and mechanical filtration. The filter unit is built into the rear of the aquarium, which includes
  • all media as well as housing the heater
  • Includes Glass heater to maintain constant temperature within the aquarium
  • Includes LED light unit. This light provides bright and efficient lighting, whilst enhancing the natural colours of your aquarium inhabitants
  • Comes in 2 sizes to suit your needs

Replacement Parts / Media:
25096S AquaNano 30 35ppi Sponge
25097S AquaNano 40 35ppi Sponge

Specifications: Available in 2 sizes
56161 - AquaNano 30 - 22L Complete Tropical Glass Aquarium Set 30cm
56162 - AquaNano 40 - 55L Complete Tropical Glass Aquarium Set 40cm

Suitable For: Coldwater & Tropical

*** Store Pickup Only