Hikari Crab Cuisine - Crab food - 50g

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High in enriched calcium to promote shell development and support immune system health, Crab Cuisine® will help keep your crustacean friends safe from predators and looking their best! If you’re looking for an excellent diet for your pet hermit crab, look no further, Crab Cuisine® will keep them in top form and their food free of mould or other problematic accumulations common with competitive products.

1.This uniquely balanced formulation offers necessary nutrients that promote proper shell development for necessary defence from predators.
2.A rapidly sinking stick which allows most bottom-feeding scavengers ready access and extended feeding.
3.Promotes proper growth and form with a taste most bottom dwellers will love.
4.Naturally offers higher levels of colour enhancers which help develop a true colouration.

For lobsters, shrimp, underwater crawfish and other aquatic scavengers, feed 1-4 mini sticks twice a day based on size. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after feeding period to avoid health impacting water quality issues.
For hermit crabs feed in a clean shallow dish once a week. After 24 hours remove the food from the enclosure. Feed an amount equal to 2 grams of food (approximately a thimble full) for each hermit crab per feeding.

We recommend Hikari Tropical Crab Cuisine as a daily diet for
Hermit crabs, crayfish, shrimp, lobsters, tadpoles and other scavengers in both fresh and saltwater environments

- 10g