Hikari Jumbo Blood Worms

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*Hikar's extensive, multi-step sterilization process assures unequalled product quality.

Free from harmful parasites, unwanted bacteria and foul odor, Bio-Pure® frozen foods

are another example of Hikar's product quality commitment. Jumbo blood worms

are an excellent choice when a supplemental, higher protein treat your fish might

consume in the wild is desired. Gut loaded with Bio-Encapsulated multi-vitamins to

support immune system health then packed in pure water and our no-touch™M cubes

for ease of use, they are an excellent choice for most larger freshwater fish, selected

amphibians and turtles too. Try our maximum nutrition with minimum mess formula

for success. When you want the best for your aquatic pets, look to Hikari!


Feed no more than your fish will consume within 30-45 seconds no more than twice

or other Bio-Pure® frozen foods.



Blood worms, water, vitamin Bra supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride,

L-ascorbyl-2-polyphosphate (stabilized vitamin C), riboflavin (vitamin B2),

carotene, thiamine mononitrate, biotin, choline chioride, folic acid, calcium

pantothenate, inositol, niacin.


Handling frozen food that is derived from a live animal can cause the same allergic

reaction possible by handling the live animal itself. To avoid potential problems,

always thoroughly wash your hands immediately after use and before any contact

with your nose, eyes or mouth. Always avoid any contact with open wounds.

These Jumbo Blood Worms are normally darker than our

standard Blood Worms and have a tougher skin which does not


make them a good choice for smaller aquatic pets.